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Summer Fridays Launch at Mecca

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Last month, I had the privilege of attending the Summer Fridays launch event at Mecca Cosmetica in Bondi. The brands Co-Founders Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores both attended the store to host a QnA about their vegan and cruelty free multi-use face masks to celebrate the official launch in Australia.

Both established bloggers based in LA; Marianna of and Lauren of have had a friendship that spans 10 years and are even neighbour’s so when they announced the launch of their brand Summer Friday’s in early 2018 it all made perfect sense. Bucking the trend of so many other brands before them, they decided that after two years of product development they launched their brand in March 2018 with only one product – the Jet Lag Mask. A mask designed to wake up and hydrate your skin it can be used overnight, during a flight, as a regular moisturiser and even as a hand cream!

Shortly after, they followed up with the release of their second mask; the Overtime Mask. A brightening face mask that gently exfoliates skin and illuminates for a new and healthier complexion – perfect for congested, dull and dry skin.

Even after the launch of two incredible masks, we still unfortunately didn’t have the ability to purchase the mask in store in Australia, only online from overseas. Little did we know that Jo Horgan the Founder and Co-CEO of MECCA brands had been in talks with Marianna and Lauren even before the brands launch. In December 2018, the Jet Lag Mask finally became available in MECCA stores nationwide and online and quickly followed up with the Overtime Mask in January 2019.

Summer Fridays has just released their “third born” (as Lauren affectionately calls it), the R + R Mask; a combination of face oil and face mask, it brightens and quenches skin for a plumper appearance and instant rosy glowing complexion. I was fortunate enough to try this mask during the event and I think it may be my favourite mask yet! It is penned to be released in Australia in April 2019, but until then my skin is staying hydrated and soft thanks to Jet Lag and Overtime! Oh and did I mention that their packaging is an instagrammers dream? If you haven’t already, you’ll want to get your hands on Summer Fridays ASAP – head into your local MECCA store or online [click here] to grab yours now.

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