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My Tanning Routine

I have been fake tanning for over 10 years. I got my first spray tan just after graduating high school and I haven’t looked back. After a few years of getting spray tans in salons I reluctantly began self tanning at home to save money. I initially used a wash off cream tan I could quickly apply for nights out dancing and the inevitable Macca’s run on the way home until I discovered tanning mousse and then it became a weekly habit. I have had all sorts of experiences with fake tanning from the golden goddess bronze through to the exceptionally bad orange Oompa Loompa tan, streaky tans and the worst of all; the cliché tan smelling tan that no amount of bathing or perfume can hide. It was like a rite of passage, I had to kiss a few metaphorical tan frogs before I found my prince.

Enter ‘The Tan’ by Elle Effect, an absolute game changer in self-tanning. When Elle Ferguson, Aussie bombshell extraordinaire and O.G. ‘babes’, first started teasing the launch of Elle Effect in late 2017, I knew I needed to have it and I didn’t even know what it was. In early 2018 Elle revealed that she was launching her brand with a luxury tanning mousse that promised a goofproof formula that would glide onto the skin leaving behind nothing but the perfect golden glow. It delivered.

The Tan has been a staple in my tanning routine ever since, I even wore it for my wedding so it’s safe to say I’m a big fan. The Tan comes in one universal shade designed to be fully customisable depending on your skin tone and desired depth. I usually apply 2 light coats before going to bed and wake up with the perfect summer glow. The best part? It smells like roses and doesn’t transfer onto my sheets or clothes.

More recently, Elle Effect released their second product; ‘The Wash’. It’s a unique body cleanser-meets-tan-remover designed to be used with the exfoliating mitt to gently cleanse and break down any residual tan leaving your skin perfectly prepped and primed ready to apply a fresh coat of tan. What I like about The Wash is unlike other body cleansers and tan removers it’s alcohol and fragrance free so I haven’t experienced any skin irritation (even after scrubbing vigorously with the exfoliating mitt) and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

Elle says, “good things come to babes who tan”. I say, even better things come to babes who use the wash and tan ;)

Elle Effect is available to purchase at and MECCA.

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