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My Sweet Trip to Sugar Republic

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

A few weeks ago Ben and I did a little day trip to Sydney to check out the Sugar Republic pop up in Myer Sydney City for my birthday. If you haven’t heard of Sugar Republic, let me introduce you! Sugar Republic is a “pop up sweets museum and house of fun”.

Basically the 411 is that there are several rooms with different themes from cakes and confetti, to teddy bears and Wizz Fizz that all lead you through to the final installation – the pink ball pit! Each room is interactive and gives a new opportunity for fun and a new snap for the ‘gram.

There are locations in both Sydney and Melbourne and tickets are currently available for March (April tickets go on sale Monday 18th March at 12pm AEDT). You can purchase tickets online and book in advance [click here for tickets] or buy them at the door but you could risk the time slot being sold out. It’s a fun experience for the whole family, but if you’re wanting an 18+ experience then make sure to book after 6:30pm.

Let me know if you’ve been to Sugar Republic and what your favourite room was! And if you haven’t been but are planning to, I hope you have the best time and enjoy a fun experience!

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