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My First Chanel Purchase

I recently went to Melbourne and during my trip I made my first ever Chanel purchase. I have been obsessed with Chanel for years and never thought that my dream of owning something from Chanel would become a reality. It wasn’t a purchase that I made spur of the moment and I didn’t take it lightly. When I first started this blog it was purely as a hobby and a creative outlet for my shopping addiction but as time has progressed it has slowly blossomed into a beautiful little business that I am incredibly proud of and when I invoiced my first client I told myself that I would reinvest the money straight back into my business.

So, with my first payment I purchased a ring light (yes, there is a YouTube channel on the horizon so stay tuned) and a pair of Chanel Slings. Originally I wanted the classics Slings in the beige and black but when searching online I couldn’t find them. When the new SS17 collection launched online I stumbled across their new release Slings in the pink and beige and instantly fell in love. I immediately got on the phone to Chanel’s customer service to locate the shoes and they advised that they were being released in Australia in late March. I was ecstatic but slightly disappointed as I always like my luxury purchases to come with a travel story and as I was travelling to Melbourne in early March I wouldn’t be able to get the shoes. I decided to visit the Chanel boutique on Flinders Lane anyway to try on the Slings in another colour to check the sizing and to my surprise when I walked in the store the beautiful shoes I had been searching for where sitting there pretty on the shelf. It was meant to be.

The Chanel Slings can run large due to the elastic at the back so I bought them in the 38.5 (I usually take a 39) because I didn’t want them to slip off. Growing up watching Pretty Woman the thought of entering a high end boutique can be daunting, but from start to finish the customer service at Chanel was exceptional. I feel like this is the start of a beautiful relationship.

Let me know about your first luxury purchase in the comments below!

Shoes Chanel Slings // T-Shirt AJE Signature Tee //

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