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Sidewalk Style

I have never really been able to pull off sneakers. Quite frankly, I wasn’t cool enough. Even when I was younger, girls in my class would be rocking white sneakers and jeans for mufti day and when I tried it I always seemed to look like I was going bowling… So recently, in one of my many “I need this for Hawaii” shopping hauls I purchased these peachy pink Puma sneakers because – hiking, obviously! And when I pulled them out of the box I couldn’t bare the thought of them touching dirt while on a hike (not that it would’ve happened) and so immediately I started trying them on with all my outfits and when I tried this combination it just fit. I mean the whole butt on boob tee that I cut up the night before helps to sell the “cool” vibe but as always I had to pop some young Mel in there with my top knot and bow (to celebrate the fact that I can FINALLY put my hair in a bun again, with the assistance of a ridiculous amount of bobby pins).

P.s. Thank you to everyone who voted for this blog title on my instagram stories – I appreciate the help!

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