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My 11 Carry-On Travel Essentials

As I’ve been getting ready this past week to pack for my trip to Singapore it’s got me thinking about all of the essentials that I need to take. When travelling it’s always important to take the necessities so that you’re prepared for virtually anything but also so you don’t over pack and don’t have any room for some vacation shopping or even worse that you have to pay for excess luggage because we all know how hefty those unexpected fees can be!

Over the years through method of elimination I have somewhat perfected my carry-on bag and so I thought I would share with you my 11 carry-on travel essentials:

  1. A large tote bag – this is very important, if not the most important piece as you need a practical bag to carry all of your belongings that is comfortable. I use my neoprene tote bag from Prene Bags as it’s spacious and isn’t rigid material so it can fit comfortably under the airplane seat.

  2. Passport – I think it speaks for itself, you won’t be getting far without this one. I got my case from The Daily Edited so that my passport is protected but is also easier to find in my handbag.

  3. Makeup Remover Wipes and Tissues – the first thing I do when I get on the plane is take off my makeup. Sitting in a pressurised cabin for hours on end is not overly good for your skin so it’s important to take off your makeup so that your skin can breathe and tissues are always handy to have.

  4. Moisturiser – The second step for looking after your skin while miles high is to hydrate by moisturising your face and hands so that you don’t land and look 10 years older than when you departed.

  5. Hand Sanitiser – Planes are used by many people all the time and with very little turnaround time between flights and so I take precaution to protect myself against any potential germs.

  6. Currency – This is definitely the banker in me talking now! Whenever I travel overseas I always have cash, a debit card, a travel card and my credit card and notify my bank before going away. This just means that if your wallet gets stolen, your card gets withheld in an ATM or your card gets skimmed you have multiple backups to pay for things and you don’t get stuck without any money.

  7. Toothpaste & Toothbrush – There’s nothing quite like minty fresh breath, it doesn’t matter if I fly for 2 hours or 12 hours the moment I land I head straight to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

  8. Lip Balm – Not lipgloss, not lipstick, lip balm! As I mentioned before hydration is essential so having a good lip balm or two is going to help prevent any chapped lips.

  9. Eye Mask – I unfortunately get motion sickness and so I find that the best way to ensure I don’t get sick while travelling is to just shut my eyes and try to sleep. My Slip Silk Eye Mask is a lifesaver, but if you don’t have a silk eye mask as regular one will also suffice.

  10. Entertainment – Music, movies, books, magazines or crosswords, pack whatever it is to help you stay entertained for the wait in the airport and the duration of the plane. If you’re not sleeping, having something to preoccupy yourself is great in case your plane doesn’t have in-flight entertainment.

  11. Fan – I find that the temperature in planes and airports can sometimes be temperamental and so I pack a little hand-held fan so that I can cool down if it’s hot or if I’m feeling unwell.

So there you have it, I hope you’ve found my little tips to be helpful! I’d love to hear what all your travel essentials are.

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